Monitoring & Evaluation

Evaluation professionals at GHC offer robust project evaluation at baseline, midterm and post intervention phases of project implementation as part of our own projects or as external reviewers of others’ activities. Focusing on qualitative methods GHC works with implementing organizations to incorporate M&E plans into new and existing projects to ensure regular, meaningful feedback from target populations as well as providing process, output and outcome evaluation data for reporting purposes.

GHC also provides training in M&E using qualitative approaches, which begins with an overview of the theoretical basis and rationale for qualitative methods. Subsequent topics may include designing qualitative instruments, conducting focus groups and interviews, participant recruitment, protocol analysis, using qualitative software such as Atlas.ti, codebook development and qualitative analysis. Several of these topics may be the focus of a short 2 or 3 day workshop, or GHC may provide extensive guidance through the entire qualitative research process as needed.