Gender Based Violence

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) has recently become a major focus of US government interventions, particularly in the arena of HIV/AIDS. GHC received funding to work on GBV in Mozambique as part of our ongoing activities there. GHC also works with the Tanzanian Youth Alliance (TAYOA) on this issue.

In Mozambique, GHC trains peer educators on issues around gender based violence (GBV) and uses its theory-based approaches to work with male clients of sex workers on the topic of GBV. As men are often the perpetrators of GBV, GHC believes it is just as vital to work with men as with women on the topic of GBV.

In Tanzania, GHC links our partner, The Tanzania Youth Alliance (TAYOA) with GBV-oriented local and international organizations for cooperation and coordination of activities. In addition, GHC provides training on GBV and the linkages between GBV and increased risk for HIV.