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Late Summer training in Pemba and Inhambane


GHC conducted two trainings in August and September in Pemba and in Inhambane for community leaders on the topics of behavior change, working with most-at-risk-groups, and participatory communication/training skills. In Pemba, a total of 55 people from 21 organizations were in attendance, and in Inhambane 27 people from 22 organizations were in attendance. Participants showed great interest and motivation toward the training content.

As part of GHC’s terms of reference with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these sessions will be followed up with a additional modules and several practicums that will be observed by GHC staff over the next year.

As part of the training on most-at-risk groups, members of LAMBDA, a local organization that works with men who have sex with men (MSM), were invited to share personal stories with the training participants. In both provinces, members of LAMBDA talked about what it was like to grow up MSM, how they first realized they were MSM, and how being MSM affects their day-to-day lives. This session was very well received by the majority of participants and in both trainings people commented that this had contributed to a significant change in how they viewed MSM in general.

Below are some comments from participants about the training:

"On behalf of APAJUM, I found this training to be very beautiful and I hope it happens more often. I managed to learn a lot, and especially clarify some of my understandings regarding Men who have sex with men. It was a subject I did not know much about. The training also explained human behavior and all the factors that influence it. The APAJUM thanks GHC and hopes to attend more often. " (Participant - Pemba)

"First I want to congratulate GHC and say that the training was excellent. During the training I reflected a great deal on different people’s behavior. From here I promise to share with my colleagues that everyone is equal and we must accept others as they are." (Vania - Pemba)

"It was a great honor for me to participate in this training, and it was with great interest that I understood that behavior change is a process of each individual, influenced by a number of factors. This information should reach the highest level of our institutions to improve the well being of all." (AMODEFA - Pemba)

"We welcome this unique moment. It was an awakening of darkness. I sincerely hope to transmit this knowledge to others, and to change my own behavior. " (Participant - Inhambane)

“I feel honored for having participated in this training because I had wrong attitudes that I have always practiced. I have been working with my beneficiaries to do what I want, rather than what they need, but thanks to this training I can overcome this problem."(Participant - Inhambane)