February 2013


In Cabo Delgado, the northern most province of Mozambique, ten men gathered at the Global Health Communication (GHC) office in Pemba to participate in a peer educator training for men who have sex with men (MSM). The training was conducted by GHC, with support from the Project VIDAS consortium members Populations Services International, Pathfinder International, and LAMBDA, a Mozambican advocacy group for sexual minorities.

As part of the Project VIDAS, GHC works with four groups recognized as being at high risk of HIV: MSM, drug users, sex workers and miners and their wives. The training in Pemba was the start of the second round of peer education training designed specifically for MSM conducted by GHC and was the result of a successful collaboration between GHC and LAMBDA. GHC and LAMBDA worked together to merge their materials and training agendas in order to cover in one week all relevant information for MSM and necessary skills for Project VIDAS peer educators. The training itself was conducted by facilitators from both GHC and LAMBDA, with support from Pathfinder...