May 2012


In April and May, GHC held trainings for peer educators who use drugs in Cabo Delgado and Nampula provinces.

This was the first time the trainings were based on our revised curriculum, created in close cooperation with the PSI Consortium, Rede Contra Drogas, and Dr. Eugenia Teodora of the mental health department of Mozambique. Dr. Antonio Suleman from the Psychiatric Hospital was also there as a facilitator in Nampula. The training topics included different types of drugs and their effects, how drugs impact health, harm reduction, and issues related to overdose.

The training was considered unique by the participants who felt they now had a vocabulary and a structure to carry out their work as peer educators. In particular, how to handle an overdose situation struck a real chord with all of the participants. Several people told us that they had friends who had come close or actually died of an overdose. Our peer educators now know what to do in this emergency situation.

We also learned from the training that in Nampula heroin and cocaine are commonly used....